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Autism Education Trust
Training for schools and colleges.

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Autism Education Trust

We're proud to work in association with the Autism Education Trust (AET) to offer a programme of face-to-face autism training for schools and further education settings.

Developed by the AET with support from the Department for Education, the training is aimed at staff working in mainstream, special schools and colleges as well as those working in specialist settings for children and young people from 5-25.

We can offer training for schools in London as well as post-16 settings in London and the east of England. Training can be delivered on a date and at a time that works for you or you can book to attend a course at our training venue in Muswell Hill, north London.

What's covered?

There are separate training courses for schools and colleges, to reflect the different challenges professionals face in supporting children and young people as they progress through their education. 

For schools

Level 1 — Making sense of autism

A 90-minute basic autism awareness training course for teaching and non-teaching staff who need an understanding of autism in their role. Suitable for everyone including office staff, governors, caretakers, lunchtime supervisors, drivers and escorts or who work in other organisations with pupils this age (5-16). We believe in working with and employing young people and therefore co-present this training with a young adult with autism. £200 per session if delivered at your school for a group of staff (no maximum number) or £30 per person at our training venue in Muswell Hill, North London. 

Level 2 — Developing good autism practice

Delivered by an autism education specialist, this is a one day training course for staff who work with pupils with autism (teaching assistants or teachers) who want to learn more, improve practice or who want to go onto Level 3. Level 2 links to the new autism competency framework and the new Ofsted framework. All delegates receive a certificate of attendance and possible further AET certification with the completion of an online portfolio. £650 per day if delivered at your school for a group of staff (up to 30 people). This can be delivered as either a full day's session or a series of twilight sessions (3.30-5pm). Or, £95 per person at our training venue.

Level 3 — Building on existing knowledge and taking a lead in autism

This two day training course is aimed at staff involved in supporting children with autism and those who may train or lead other staff in their setting. It goes further in depth into the psychological theories of autism and relates to teaching and learning and leading other staff or teams in the organisation. All delegates receive a ‘Tools for teachers’ worth (£175) and Certificate of Attendance with possible further AET verification with the completion of an online portfolio. This can be further discussed upon booking Level 2 or Level 3.

£650 per day if delivered at your school for a group of staff (up to 20 people - please contact us if you require more). This can be delivered as either two full day sessions or a series of twilight sessions (3.30-5pm). Or £190 per person if you attend the course at our training venue in Muswell Hill, North London. 

For colleges

Tier 1 – Making sense of autism, raising awareness

This popular 90 minute basic autism awareness training course is for everyone involved in a post-16 setting who would benefit from an understanding of autism. This includes teaching and support staff, office staff, caterers, caretakers, transport staff, governors, employers and careers advisers.

We will deliver this training at your organisation at a date and time convenient to you.

Tier 2 – Making sense of autism for practitioners

This two day training looks at practical approaches to developing teaching, learning and support strategies for all staff working directly with young people with autism (including tutors, learning support practitioners, assessors, trainers and job coaches). Cost: £190 per person.

Tier 3 – Making sense of autism for managers

A one day training for all staff who may take a leadership role that includes responsibility for developing provision for young people with autism within a post-16 setting (including lead practitioners for autism, inclusion and/or curriculum managers and those who manage additional learning support). Cost: £95 per person.

How do I book?

You can book online for all courses delivered from our training centre in north London. If you would like us to deliver training in your school or college, please email us at for further details or call our training team on 020 8815 5166

Not in London?

If you're interested in receiving the training outside of the London region please visit the AET website to find your nearest training hub.

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