Autism Film Club - April 2014

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For Autism Film Club 2014, Ambitious about Autism will bring three compelling films about autism straight to your computer screen for free. Autism Film Club will run throughout April 2014 as part of World Autism Awareness Month.

The films

Citizen Autistic - 3 April 2014

Young woman from Citizen AutisticUS / 2013 / colour / not rated / 58 minutes

Streams on our website for 24 hours from 9am on Thursday 3 April 2014.

In his second film about autism, William Davenport gets right to the heart of thorny issues that resonate throughout the autism community. What does the mother of a child who can not speak see for the future of her child? What does the isolated adult want and need in order to lead a fulfilling life? Davenport tackles these subjects and more, talking to a range of parents, carers and people with autism about the hopes and fears for the future.

Normal People Scare Me - 10 April 2014

Normal People Scare Me front coverUS / 2006 / colour / not rated / 90 minutes

Streams on our website for 24 hours from 9am on Thursday 10 April 2014.

Normal People Scare Me began life as a ten minute short film co-directed by Taylor Cross, a teenager with autism, and his mother Keri Bowers. Tyler was discovered by Joey Travolta, elder brother to actor John, whilst teaching filmmaking to children with special needs. John supported Taylor to develop his short film into a feature length documentary that includes interviews with 65 people, including those with autism as well as their friends and family. Cross asks them about their experiences of autism and how they feel about it, and elicits multiple insightful responses from his subjects.

HeartChild - 17 April 2014

Star of HeartChildUS / 2013 / colour / not rated / 103 minutes

Streams on our website for 24 hours from 9am on Thursday 17 April 2014.

HeartChild is a film about a twenty-nine year old Crys Worley, the mother of nine year-old Sasha, a child with autism. It is a remarkable story about a mother’s struggles, not only with her own health but also the wellbeing of her son.

Committing to Sasha that she will never give up on him and inspired by the challenges faced by parents of children with autism, she starts up a non-profit organisation called ‘The A Skate Foundation’. This film documents her extraordinary journey.


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