ABA Supervisor: Anna Wood

I have been an ABA Supervisor for a class in Phase 1 here at TreeHouse School since I joined in August 2010. I started working in the field of special educational needs in 2000 after I finished school. Upon completing my degree in 2004 I then began working in the field of ABA.

My role as an ABA Supervisor is class based. I lead a team of five ABA Tutors including one Senior ABA Tutor with whom I work closely to ensure smooth day to day running of the class.  Our class is also supported by an on-site multidisciplinary team which includes an ABA Consultant, Qualified Teacher and Allied Health Professionals.

In terms of my responsibilities, my role encompasses a number of key areas. These include management and leadership of the class team, facilitating teaching and learning, overseeing data collection and analysis, and the training and supervision of staff members.

One important part of my role involves pupil meetings. Each pupil has a number of meetings per school year where their progress is discussed. These include three termly reviews, three pupil progress reviews (an opportunity for parents to come and observe their child at school), teaching and learning meetings, and the annual review. That might sound like a lot but it is a vital component of the multidisciplinary way in which we work. It is so important that the ABA Consultant, ABA Supervisor, Qualified Teachers and Allied Health Professionals are all working closely to support the pupil’s often very complex needs.

With all of the above responsibilities my day is busy. Each day has three teaching sessions and on an average day, as an example, I might spend one session conducting training and supervision, one session in a pupil meeting and one session reviewing an IEP for an upcoming termly review.

I can honestly say I really enjoy my job. I very much like being class based. I feel my job is diverse and offers me a challenge.I have also been offered a wide range of training since joining, including areas such as ABA, management and curriculum, all of which has been valuable to me. 

Working at TreeHouse School is fantastic; it’s quite honestly an uplifting place to work. Working with such an experienced multidisciplinary team ensures we can offer our pupils the very best support possible. TreeHouse School can be a challenging environment to work in but with the skills, dedication and support seen throughout the school, it truly is a very special place to work.