Graduate scheme: Lee Dorrill

Lee DorrillHi I’m Lee. I’m 23 and I’ve been an ABA Tutor at TreeHouse School for almost two years now. I graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2009 and began working at TreeHouse School on the graduate scheme a few months later.

TreeHouse School is a fantastic place to work, with staff who are all incredibly dedicated to giving the best possible support to all of our pupils and helping them reach their full potential. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and this creates a lovely environment in which to work as well as a perfect environment for our pupils to thrive.

When you begin on the graduate scheme you are initially provided with an intensive induction training programme in order to give you the tools to be an effective ABA Tutor. This is then added to with regular training, both in and out of class, helping you to be continually developing as a professional.

The pupils are incredible, each with their own unique character and interests. Over time you forge such amazing bonds with them and seeing their progress over time is extremely rewarding. You work with them intensively on skills day-to-day and when they independently use a skill that you have taught them in a functional way it is a brilliant feeling; knowing that the delivery of your teaching has really helped them to be able to lead a more independent life.

I am somebody who would dislike a job where every day followed the same mundane routine. If you are like me then TreeHouse School is the perfect place for you. Every day presents a new set of challenges with which to deal with, and it is a really stimulating place that certainly keeps you on your toes. At times it is tough and tests your resolve, but that is far outweighed by the incredible moments that you witness each and every day.