Multi Me at Treehouse School

Multi Me logo

TreeHouse School is excited to announce that we have signed up to work on a two year project with Multi Me interactive planning and networking tool. We will be working with the Multi Me team, students, school staff, families and carers and outside agencies, with particular focus on our learners with complex needs who are about to move on from the school, and those in transition to other learning and support services.

Belinda Blank, Transition Lisaon Officer at TreeHouse School, said: "We are passionate about using person centred approaches and in giving our students in transition every opportunity to communicate and make their voices heard in a meaningful and interactive way, and which can be used across settings. We are looking forward to working with the Multi Me pilot team to enable us to develop our work in this area. The project has been introduced to parents of senior students and will be introduced to the rest of the parent body in the coming term."

Charlie Levinson, Director of Multi Me, said: “We are really excited to be working with one of the leading providers in education for autistic learners. The aim of this two-year pilot is to help students build their own rich, online, person-centred plans and multimedia communication profiles, that will help them at school and as an ongoing live document they can build on throughout their lives. We are looking forward to working in partnership with Ambitious about Autism to develop and refine our Multi Me platform for their organisation, learner and parent community."

For more information, please visit the Multi Me website.