School Leadership Team

The School Leadership Team identify priorities for the year through the School Development Plan (SDP) which informs arrangements for staff training, development of curriculum areas, and assessing pupil progress.

Becky Jones, Deputy HeadBecky Jones – Headteacher

Becky has 14 years’ experience working with children, young people and adults with learning difficulties. Her work has covered various settings, including respite care centres, residential homes for children with autism, holiday camps and family homes. A qualified teacher, she has previously worked in mainstream schools. Becky's past roles have included Humanities and English teacher, Nurture Group Teacher (meeting special educational needs within a mainstream setting) and Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

Katy Lee, Principal ABA ConsultantKaty Lee – Principal ABA Consultant (on maternity leave)

Katy Lee is the Principal ABA Consultant at TreeHouse School where she oversees the implementation and development of ABA. Katy has been working in the field of autism education and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) for the past 14 years. She holds a science degree in psychology and behavioural sciences, a post graduate degree in developmental disabilities and has completed an MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis. Katy is certified by the international Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB) and is currently completing PhD research within the field of ABA based educational interventions for children and young people with autism and complex needs.

Andrew Swartfigure – Principal ABA Consultant

Andrew has worked as an ABA practitioner for 14 years. Before joining TreeHouse School in 2009, he worked in consultancy roles at other organisations supporting children and young people with autism. He has also overseen mainstream inclusion for children of varying abilities and ages, and designs and implements training models. For the past two years Andrew has been supporting transition of students into post 19 services. Andrew currently leads ABA practice in TreeHouse School, as well as working with external partners regarding development of ABA and research in the field. Andrew holds an arts degree in English, and has completed a MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Wider Leadership Team

The School Leadership Team are supported by the Wider Leadership Team in the management of the school. This is made up of:

  • Esther Thomas – Senior ABA Consultant, Phase 1
  • Alan Murphy – Curriculum Manager, Phase 1
  • Janet Whiley – Senior ABA Consultant, Phase 2
  • Laura Brind – Curriculum Manager, Phase 2
  • Barbara Graf – Senior ABA Consultant, Phase 3
  • Kaz Birk – Curriculum Manager, Phase 3
  • Belinda Blank – Transition Liaison Officer
  • Tom Bailey – Senior Allied Health Professional