Learning in different environments

The contexts for teaching and learning are flexible; the use of a range of learning environments being carefully planned in order to give each pupil the best learning potential. Contexts may include school, a joint or additional educational placement, home, extra-curricular ‘clubs’ and the local community. Teaching and learning takes places within a school-wide ethos of nurturing relationships and celebrating progress, achievement and success.

Where possible and appropriate, learning takes places in context.  Specialist rooms in TreeHouse school further support opportunities for contextualised learning.  For example,

  • the laundry room is accessible to pupils so they can learn to care for their own clothes (eg. washing their PE kit after a run)
  • three teaching kitchens mean that pupils can learn how to prepare their own snacks and meals
  • the dentist room, including a dentist’s chair provides a simulated environment where pupils can learn how to tolerate having their teeth checked and cleaned
  • the pupil garden is an environment where pupils can learn to care for their own garden or develop the skills necessary to gain entry onto a college horticulture course
  • a family bathroom with appropriate supervision can be used to teach personal hygiene skills (always discussed with families before being introduced).

The home is an important learning environment and some skills are best taught at home or by families. For example, some families may prefer to maintain clear relationship boundaries for their son or daughter by teaching personal care skills at home; support through home visits or planning meetings at school is available when requested by families.