Core curriculum

Given the needs of children with a diagnosis of autism, TreeHouse has identified the following as its ‘Core curriculum’:

Decisions about the amount and balance of time allocated to each part of the curriculum are made on an individual pupil basis. Pupils may be taught these curriculum areas individually, in pairs or in small groups.

The core curriculum areas form the integral underpinning of each pupil’s personalised curriculum from 5 – 19 years of age. For pupils in the Early Years Foundation Stage core curriculum areas are drawn from the Early Years framework, with an emphasis on ‘Learning to Learn’ skills.  Greater emphasis is placed on developing functional life-skills for pupils of secondary school age (11 – 19 years) and on developing vocational, work-related learning skills for pupils aged 14-19 years of age.

All pupils in our school are working at a National Curriculum level below age-related norms. This means that pupils are generally working towards targets drawn from Programmes of Study below those accessed by their typically developing peers. Where this is the case, such skills and knowledge are taught using age-appropriate resources and learning opportunities.