With our oldest pupils now of sixth form age, TreeHouse continues to develop its provision for transition planning. A Transition Liaison Officer took up post in July ’09 and has already established relationships with various organisations and developed other existing relationships to support the pupils and their parents in their move to adult life.

Getting transition right for each individual can be a challenging process, and TreeHouse aims to meet this challenge by a combination of:

  • Person-centred transition reviews;
  • High quality information on options;
  • Evaluation of different provisions;
  • Advocacy and self advocacy – encouraging young people to develop confidence and to plan for the future;
  • Multi-agency transition protocols – many of our pupils have additional health needs;
  • Participation of young people & their families

Transition support for TreeHouse pupils

Individual transition plans

The Transition Liaison Officer spends a significant proportion of her time attending annual reviews for the pupils in Year 9 and above, observing the children individually in their classrooms and talking to their teachers. Where necessary, a further follow-up meeting with the parents is scheduled to discuss any issues that have arisen from the annual review. Each pupil will then have a Person Centred Transition Review which will lead to a workable Transition Plan to take forward into adult  life.

Parent information series

A series of talks for TreeHouse parents: to provide access to essential information from a range of expert external speakers.

  • Connexions
  • The Mental Capacity Act
  • Housing
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Carers
  • Befriending
  • Statements
  • Benefits
  • Providers of Care
  • Leisure
  • Person Centred Planning
  • Sexuality
  • Enterprise Schemes and work experience

TreeHouse parent transitions support group

An informal network for TreeHouse parents, with regular meetings held at the school.

Work experience placements

As part of preparation for adult life, TreeHouse is working to develop work experience placements for the sixth form students

Visits to adult residential providers and day services

A series of group visits for TreeHouse parents and pupils to a range of adult residential and day services, as well as to Enterprise Schemes providing work for adults with learning disabilities.

TreeHouse parent transition library and information bank

For parents and families to access resources and information relating to transition, including the relevant legislative framework and National Policy and Guidance, and sources of further information on topics such as housing, benefits and so on.

Developing relationships with other agencies

The Transition Liaison Officer has developed close working relationships and formal partnerships with a range of external agencies, adult service providers and partner organisations. This is vital in enabling TreeHouse families to access the support they will require as the pupils leave TreeHouse and become adults.

She also works closely with the 17 Local Authorities with children attending TreeHouse, to facilitate joint planning and smooth transition between children and adult services.

To find out more about Transition Planning Support at TreeHouse please contact the Transition Liaison Officer, Belinda Blank on or 020 8815 5444.