Consultations and Bills

Often when the Government is considering changing something, they will run a consultation and ask for people’s views. Ambitious about Autism responds to consultations that affect the education of children and young people with autism. We also lobby Parliament when relevant Bills are being debated.

Here you can find out about recent consultations and Bills and our responses to them.


Consultation on the Introduction of an Early Years Pupil Premium (August 2014)

We worked with The Family and Childcare Trust on a response to a consultation on how the pupil premium could be introduced to support children with SEND in early years settings.

Consultation on Draft Care Act 2014 Regulations (August 2014)

Our response to the draft regulations on transition from childrens to adults services is below.

Parliamentary Inquiry into Childcare for Disabled Children (June 2014) 

The Every Disabled Child Matters Campaign is supporting a Parliamentary Inquiry into childcare chaired by Robert Buckland MP and Pat Glass MP. Our submission to the inquiry is below.

Consultation of Revised SEND Code of Practice (May 2014)

Further to the changes made to the Children and Families Act before it became law the Government consulted on a revised Code of Practice. Our response to the revised Code is below.


Consultation on New SEN Code of Practice (December 2013)

Our response to the Department for Educations proposed new Code of Practice. The new Code wa written to reflect the legislative changes in the Children and Families Bill.

Reform of the National Curriculum

Our response to the Department for Education's proposed reform to the National Curriculum.

Review of 2013-14 School Funding Arrangements

Our response to the Department for Education's proposed reforms to the way schools and colleges will be funded from 2013/14.

Consultation to establish a Guild for the Learning and Skills Sector (February 2013)

This consultation considers a proposal to set up a Guild for the Learning and Skills sector.  The proposed Guild’s purpose will be to develop, recognise and enhance the professionalism of the workforce and of the sector. Our response sets out how the Guild might support further education staff working with learners with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Traineeships Discussion Paper (February 2013)

The Department of Business Innovation and Skills  and the Department for Education were seeking views on a discussion paper setting out plans for a programme of traineeships that it hopes will help young people develop the skills to be able to access apprenticeships or sustained employment.

Draft Care and Support Bill (January 2013)

The Joint Committee on the Draft Care and Support Bill were conducting an enquiry into the Draft Care and Support Bill published by the Government in 2012. The Government hopes that the Bill proposes a single modern law for adult social care to replace current legislation. Ambitious about Autism are members of the Care and Support Alliance and support their submission.


Draft Care and Support Bill (October 2012)

The Government was seeking views on the draft Care and Support Bill. Ambitious about Autism responded highlighting areas in which it could be amended to work better alongside the draft provisions of the Children and Families Bill.

Revocation of the Further Education Workforce Regulations (May 2012)

Government is seeking to give colleges and training providers more flexibility about what training teaching and support staff need. One of the key recommendations is the revocation of the 2007 regulations, which require all teaching staff to have nationally recognised qualifications and undertake professional development each year. The consultation proposes to replace the regulations with largely discretionary advice colleges on appropriate qualifications for staff and continuous professional development.

School funding reform (May 2012)

This is a Department for Education consultation about plans to reform the way education is funded. It covers all types of schools, and education funding for disabled young people in colleges up to the age of 25. Our response focuses on how this will affect learners with autism at school and in college.

The Mayors Education Inquiry (May 2012)

This is an inquiry by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, into schools in London. The inquiry is looking at the gaps in school places and provision across London, as well as ways to drive up education standards. The consultation asks for views on how new schools can be developed and for examples of good practice from within the city.

Raising of the Participation Age (April 2012)

This is a Department for Education consultation about plans to raise the compulsory age young people must stay in education or training until. The government has agreed that young people must stay in education or training until the end of the school year in which they turn 17 from 2013, and up to their 18th birthday from 2015. This consultation asks for views on how this should work in practice. Our response focuses on the need to develop more and better education and training options that are accessible to young people with autism, so they have meaningful opportunities to stay on in education.

Office for Disability Issues consultation on Fulfilling Potential (March 2012)

This is a cross-government consultation asking for views about how to enable disabled people to fulfill their potential and have opportunities to play a full role in society. Many thanks to our Ambitious about Autism Youth Patrons for their ideas about this consultation. Their views form the basis of our response.

Department for Education consultation on revised statutory guidance and regulations for exclusions from schools and pupil referral units in England (February 2012)

This consultation asked about the revised regulations and guidance for exclusions established with the Education Act 2011. One main area of change is independent appeal panels are being replaced by independent review panels, which will have different powers.

Autism in Adults: Consultation on the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence guidelines (January 2012)

A clinical practice guideline on autism in adults is being developed for use in the NHS. Our response to the consultation on this guideline focuses on creating good links to education services, and ensuring a positive transition between children’s and adult’s services.

Department for Education consultation on Study Programmes for 16-19 year olds (January 2012)

This consultation sets out a new approach to designing Study Programmes for 16-19 year olds. Our response looks at how to get the best out of this new approach for learners with autism.

Department for Education and Young People’s Learning Agency consultation on 16-19 funding formula review (January 2012)

This consultation asked for views about proposed changes to the way education for 16-19 year olds is funded. Our response focuses on how to make the changes work best for young people with autism.