Department for Education consultation on Revised Statutory Guidance for the Director and Lead Member for children’s services (December 2011)

The Children Act 2004 requires local authorities to appoint a Director of Children's Services (DCS) and Lead Member for Children's Services (LMCS) for the purposes of discharging the education and children's social services functions of the local authority. This consultation seeks views on revised statutory guidance for local authorities on the roles and responsibilities of the DCS and LMCS.

Ofsted Common Inspection Framework 2012 consultation (November 2011)

This Common Inspection Framework for further education and skills is devised by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector (HMCI) in line with the Education and Inspections Act 2006 and informs all of Ofsted’s further education and skills inspections. It sets out the judgements that inspectors will make during the inspection of education and training in England for learners over the age of 16, except those in school sixth forms or higher education.

School Funding Consultation, Department for Education (October 2011)

This consultation sets out proposals for a new system of funding for schools, including for pupils with special educational needs. It aims to ensure the way the government funds schools is ‘fair, simple and transparent’.

Children’s Commissioner Exclusions Enquiry (October 2011)

Children’s Commissioner for England Dr Maggie Atkinson’s Inquiry into school exclusions was looking at why some groups of children face such high levels of exclusion.

National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) – Management of Autism in Children and Young People – Consultation on the scope of guideline (September 2011)

This is a consultation on the proposed scope of a guideline that the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) will develop over the next 18 months that will guide health practitioners in the management of autism in children and young people.

The Department for Education consultation on a Revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) (September 2011)

This consultation asks for views on a new curriculum for the early years. The proposed curriculum is based on a report by Dame Clare Tickell which suggested a focus on three key areas of development considered essential getting children school ready.

The Department for Education consultation on Changes to the Admissions Framework (August 2011)

This was a consultation on a new framework for schools and local authorities detailing how they must manage admissions and appeals. The Government feels that the proposed code is simpler and will increase transparency. Ambitious about Autism endorsed the response of the Special Educational Consortium but raised two additional issues.

The Department for Education consultation on ‘Behaviour in Schools: guidance for governing bodies, head teachers, school staff and employers’ (May 2011)

This was a consultation on the document in which the Government's expectation of pupils, parents, teachers and head teachers, and summarises the legal powers and duties that govern behaviour and attendance in schools is set out. Ambitious about Autism responded jointly with the National Autistic Society.

Ofsted's ‘Inspection 2012’ consultation (May 2011)

Ofsted asked for thoughts on a new inspection framework for schools. It is proposed that a new framework will be in place next year.

The Department for Education consultation on the National Curriculum (April 2011)

The Department is looking to slim down the National Curriculum that schools are required to deliver and asked for views on the subjects that should be included and how the curriculum could be improved.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) consultation on autism spectrum disorders: recognition, referral and diagnosis in children and young people (March 2011)

NICE asked for views from stakeholders on its proposed guidelines for health professionals.

The Department of Work and Pensions Consultation on Disability Living Allowance (February 2011)

The Government asked for views on its proposals to reform Disability Living Allowance.

Draft Finance Bill section on Academies Irrecoverable VAT (February 2011)

The Treasury asked for comment on draft legislation, part of which proposes changes to irrecoverable VAT for academies.

The proposals for reform of legal aid (February 2011)

The Ministry of Justice ran this consultation which seeks views on proposals for reform of legal aid in England and Wales.


Our joint response with Autism Alliance UK to the Schools white paper (December 2010)

The Department for Education ran this consultation, seeking views on teacher training, discipline in schools, the creation of academies and pupil premiums. 

Our response to the Allen review’s call for views on early intervention (November 2010)

The Government asked Graham Allen MP to look into early intervention and how to give disadvantaged children the best start in life.

Our response to the ‘Fulfilling and rewarding lives’ autism strategy (October 2010)

The Department of Health ran this consultation to seek views on the guidance notes for implementing the Autism Strategy.

Our response to the Department for Education consultation on school funding 2011-12: introducing a pupil premium (October 2010)

This consultation set out the Department’s plans for allocating a pupil premium, selecting the best way to factor deprivation into calculating school funding and how looked after children would be covered by the pupil premium.

Our response to the Department for Education’s call for views on the SEN (special educational needs) and Disability green paper (October 2010)

The Department asked for views on how to ensure that parents can select a school for their child, how to make the funding of placements more transparent and how to prevent special schools being closed down. The paper also looks at how to improve diagnosis and early support as well as support after the age of 16.