CRAE Partnership

IoE London logoThe Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE) is a partnership between the Institute of Education and Ambitious about Autism supported by the Clothworkers Foundation and Pears Foundation.

CRAE was established in 2009 to improve the research evidence available to support effective intervention for children and young people with autism. Together we work to produce research that will influence health and education policy and practice in the UK and internationally.

What does CRAE's work include?

  • developing research to understand better autism and its impact upon people's everyday lives
  • gathering evidence on the effectiveness of the current best practice teaching methods for children with autism
  • carrying out research on barriers to learning and how to remove them
  • investigating how autism education practice can be evaluated more effectively
  • and developing specialist training courses for people involved in autism education.

CRAE's aims

  • help people with autism participate more in schools and society
  • promote the translation of research evidence into practice
  • and encourage national and international communication about good evidence-based practice in autism education.

The CRAE team

CRAE is headed by Dr Liz Pellicano. Her research investigates the way that autistic people perceive and interpret the world around them and how any such differences impact upon day-to-day life - at home, at school and in the community.

The CRAE team at IOE also includes postdoctoral and graduate research associates, PhD students and interns.

Ambitious about Autism brings a combination of practice and research to the CRAE partnership. The staff at TreeHouse School are continually evolving, refining and developing evidence-based teaching methods for individuals with autism. And members of the Ambitious about Autism team regularly produce peer-reviewed reports and present at conferences on best practice methods for teaching children with autism. All of this work makes a vital contribution to the evidence base.

CRAE was established thanks to generous donations from:

You can find out more on the CRAE website.