Our team of experienced professionals is available to carry out consultancy work, with a focus on autism and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). 

We provide support to individuals and groups working across a range of settings, including schools, play schemes, activity clubs and respite care environments.

Consultancy for individual pupils

If you’re concerned about the progress of an individual pupil with autism, we can help. First we’ll come to visit you and observe the child in their usual setting. This will enable us to set clear targets for their development. 

Our consultant will then work with key staff members to plan and develop strategies and ensure that they’re confident to implement these effectively.  We’ll keep in regular contact with you, to check how things are progressing and make any amendments to tailor the approach to the pupil’s needs. 

This process works most effectively when the parents, carers and family members supporting the child are involved in the consultation process.

Ongoing consultancy for your organisation

We can create a tailored development programme to help your teachers and support staff to meet the needs of children with autism. We’ll work in partnership with you to design and deliver training for teams and individuals, with a focus on developing practical strategies and interventions.

We have expertise in supporting special and mainstream schools, as well as providers of services for adults with autism.

Get in touch

If you’d like to discuss how we could help your organisation, please contact Ruth O'Sullivan at or on 020 8815 5166.