04 May 2012

TreeHouse School pupils attend autism friendly screening of The Muppets

Last week 40 pupils from TreeHouse School attended an autism friendly screening of The Muppets at Phoenix cinema in East Finchley.

The pupils and their teachers went to the special screening where lights were left on low, the volume was turned down and they could move around the cinema and make noise if they wanted to.

The screening was part of a nationwide event marking World Autism Awareness Month organised by Dimensions, the support provider for people with autism and learning disabilities, in partnership with charity Film Education.

Dr Julie O’Sullivan, Headteacher of TreeHouse School, said: “Having an autism friendly screening of The Muppets is a wonderful way to enable some of TreeHouse School’s pupils to go to the cinema and see a film in a way that’s comfortable for them. Parents and carers have told us that sometimes going to an ordinary screening can be too challenging for their children and it’s great they can now enjoy and everyday activity that many other young people do. We are very grateful to Dimensions and Film Education for giving our pupils this opportunity.”

Kate Brady, Senior Tutor at TreeHouse School, said: “I was amazed at how nicely everyone sat and how there wasn’t too much noise. I was in the very front row and every time I turned around, the majority of students were all sitting nicely and attending to the screen. Everyone looked happy too, smiles all round. Also, at the end, everyone started clapping! Not sure if that was initiated by students or tutors but when I turned around I could see so many students clapping. It was lovely.”