13 June 2012

Ari Ne’eman visits Ambitious about Autism

Ari Ne'eman

Renowned American autism campaigner Ari Ne’eman visited Ambitious about Autism today (Wednesday 13 June). Ari is the Founding President of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, which aims to increase the representation of people with autism in public policy discussion. He was nominated by President Obama in 2009 to the National Council on Disability and confirmed in post by the US Senate in 2010.

Ari met with Jolanta Lasota, Ambitious about Autism’s Chief Executive, to discuss raising autism awareness and toured TreeHouse School.

Ari is taking part in a panel discussion entitled “Who should speak for autistic people?” at the Centre for Research into Autism Education (CRAE), Institute of Education, London. The event on Thursday 14 June is free to attend.

CRAE was co-founded by Ambitious about Autism.

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