Ambitious about Autism's response to Winterbourne review

Ambitious about Autism respond to ‘Transforming Care’, a report into the abuse uncovered at Winterbourne View Hospital:

The horrific abuse at Winterbourne View demonstrates our failure as a society to provide quality support across the country for disabled young people.

We must create more and better education opportunities beyond school for young people with autism and other disabilities, to support them to achieve their potential and live in their communities, rather than ending up in institutions like Winterbourne.

The Government’s report recognises the need for improved education post-school for disabled young people, which is a positive step forward. Ministers must now match their rhetoric with action by:

  • Announcing adequate funding for all young disabled people, including those with complex needs, to continue their education beyond school
  • Ensuring capital funds are available to develop accessible education facilities for young adults in all communities
  • Reinstating the registration process for specialist providers so that much needed new services can be created
  • Linking the health and care reforms resulting from the Winterbourne review more closely with the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) reforms to join up the system.

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