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10 things that make it hard for someone with autism to get employment
Thursday 13 October 2016

10 things that make it hard for someone with autism to get employment

For a long time I was worried that I wouldn’t have a job when I got older. This was because of all the difficulties I face. It is common for those who have autism to not have a job. According to the National Autistic Society only 15% of those who have autism are in full time paid employment. I have just started my own business and I thought I would talk about why working for someone else would be hard for me.


Why I would find it difficult to get and keep a normal job!

1. Health problems – I have a lot of allergies and when they get out of control I struggle to do a normal day's work.

2. Finding places – I have a hard time knowing my way around places I am not familiar with so getting to work could be a problem.

3. The interview – Most people when they have a job interview get really nervous, yet for me it’s likely that I would get much more anxious than other people. I would be panicking so much that I wouldn’t be able to focus.
I would find it hard to answer the questions.

4. Learning difficulties – It takes me a lot longer to learn most new things.

5. Slow processing – It takes me longer to do things. I think an employer would lose patience with me.

6. Hazard awareness – I just don’t see hazards because I am focusing on whatever I am doing.

7. Anxiety – This affects me in a number of ways. If I make a mistake I get very distressed and can’t function. Public speaking works well for me because I can practise it and I always get positive feedback.

8. Stimming – (See below for a link to an article on stimming) I find it very hard to control stimming, especially if I have nothing to do. Once in work experience in my Dad’s work I apparently stimmed quite a lot but I hadn’t realised I was doing it. One of the girls thought there was something wrong with me. At least if I turn up to give a speech on autism no-one will be surprised if I stim.

9. Social difficulties – I find it very hard to interact and get on with people. I am puzzled by the social rules and can unintentionally be impolite. Other people will think I am just being rude.

10. Lack of sleep – Often I just can’t get to sleep, my brain just won’t turn off. I will just constantly be thinking, some nights it can take me until the morning to get to sleep. I can work at my business when I am feeling up to the hours and I can rest when I need to.

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