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Active citizenship in the community

Inclusion is a cornerstone of our Ambitious Approach, and this is just as important in the community as it is in education or employment. 

We will ensure that our information service has a citizenship component, while taking a rights-based approach. Autistic children and young people, and their parents and carers must be empowered to influence the decisions that affect their lives. 


Our goal 

We will further develop and expand our Ambitious Youth Network nationally to empower autistic young people to connect with each other and influence societal change. We will evaluate our network to create and establish this as a model of working, with the input of young people. 


Council Member. Aishah, speaks in her blog about the benefits of connecting with other autistic young people.

"Once I knew I was autistic, I was able to seek out and meet others in a similar situation to me. It was such a comfort to know I wasn’t alone."


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