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Health and wellbeing

Good physical and mental health and wellbeing are essential components of ensuring that an autistic child or young person can thrive. We know that access to the right support at the right time is essential. 

Our work will make sure that autistic children and young people have improved physical and mental health through equal access to timely diagnosis and post-diagnostic support


Our goal 

We will pilot a post-diagnostic support service for autistic young people. We will advocate for support during and post diagnosis, for equal access to diagnosis, improved waiting times and mental health support. 


Post- diagnostic support  

Lots of young people want further information and support to understand their diagnosis. Yet, we know from speaking to autistic young people that this advice can be hard to come by. Hear from autistic young people speaking about their experiences of being diagnosed with autism.   

We also provide support for parents and carers of autistic young people. Our Right from the Start toolkit has a wealth of information support parents during the earliest years of their child’s life. Learn more.


Alice, an autistic 22 year old, speaks about how joining a specialist school boosted her wellbeing and how she was able to start helping others. 


Learn more about family and relationships.


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