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Support our Ambitious Futures Appeal

Ambitious College Appeal

Please join us in helping to establish London’s only day college for 16-25 year olds with complex autism, and make an investment in the future of some of Britain’s most disadvantaged young people.



One in 100 people in the UK have autism – that’s enough to fill Wembley Stadium eight times.


These statistics are shocking and they have enormous, negative consequences for those young people in realising their ambitions. Young people are being held back, not because they lack the ability or desire to learn, but because they are being held back by a system that lacks the knowledge and expertise to support them. Simply put, this is not good enough. 

At Ambitious College we think everyone is entitled to lead a fulfilling, happy and rewarding life; and this includes young people with autism.Our learners are at the heart of everything we do; their curriculum is highly personalised to help them achieve their goals.  It is delivered by our very skilled and friendly staff. We offer lots of opportunities to learn in the community through a range of partnerships with local employers, services and our mainstream college partners

We know with the right support and opportunities young people with autism can achieve amazing things.

Conor's Story

Here how Conor is thriving at Ambitious College and working towards a future he wants.

At Ambitious College we offer young people specialist education and support and provide the vocational and community-based opportunities they need to make a successful transition to active life in their community. We are a co-located college and have two campuses: our north London campus, the Pears Campus in the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London and our west London campus, the Pears Campus in West Thames College, Isleworth. This co-located approach enables us to extend our curriculum significantly and offer learners a wide range of mainstream vocational learning, social opportunities and work experience.

We want to grow the college to offer more places. As it stands, we're the only provision supporting young people with complex autism in London. In 2018 we successfully funded a comprehensive refurbishment of our second campus at West Thames College, so that it meets their needs, delivers an expanded curriculum and supports more young people to achieve the future they deserve. We are now looking to the future and are carrying out a feasibility study to establish a third London campus, that will enable us to meet an ever-increasing demand for places.

Donate now

If you want to enable young people with autism to get the same education, training and work opportunities as other young people, please support our appeal. You can donate here. If you want to find out how you can further support the Appeal or speak to a member of our Appeal team, please call Danae Leaman-Hill on 020 8815 5144 or email

Thank you.

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