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Support our Ambitious Futures Appeal

Ambitious Futures Appeal

Please join us in raising the final £1 million to establish London’s only day college for 16-25 year olds with complex autism, and make an investment in the future of some of Britain’s most disadvantaged young people.

Ambitious about Autism is the national charity for children and young people with autism. We provide services, raise awareness and understanding, and campaign for change. We offer specialist education and support to make the ordinary possible for children and young people with autism.
Right now, there is a genuine momentum for change, which we are leading to improve the life chances for thousands of young people with autism.
The situation
One in 100 people in the UK have autism – that’s enough to fill Wembley Stadium eight times.
Ambitious Futures Appeal

To improve the life chances of young people with autism by establishing London’s first specialised college, improving employability and supporting families.

To realise the vision for Ambitious Futures, we must secure £4.4 million in voluntary income. Thanks to the generous support of partners, including Pears Foundation, we have just £1 million left to raise to meet our target.

Ambitious College

Fewer than one in four school leavers with autism access education beyond school. This has enormous, negative consequences for those young people in realising their ambitions. Ambitious about Autism’s research shows that when the right support is provided, further education is a genuine post-school option for many young people with autism.

Our multi-campus Ambitious College is being established around some core principles which are to work in partnership with and be co-located with mainstream further education colleges. The aim is to maximise access for our young people to learning, work experience and social opportunities with their fellow students in main stream education.

We have now secured our permanent North London campus, Pears Campus at CONEL, Tottenham, which opened in July 2016, while our permanent West London site, Pears Campus at West Thames College, Isleworth, will open in September 2017. The last £1 million of our fundraising goal will fund the development of these campuses to a point where they will be self-sustaining.


The stark facts are that 99% of people with autism want to work, but only 15% are in full-time employment. We work with these young people to help them gain employability skills and have meaningful experiences of work to make the ordinary possible for them: to have a job and contribute to their communities and wider society like anyone else.

We have supported young people to take part in work experience placements at Santander, the Civil Service and the RAF Museum, to name a few. A number of the young people have also made a successful transition from education at Ambitious College to paid employment.  Our Autism Exchange work experience programme is designed for young people with autism and run by Ambitious about Autism in partnership with the Civil Service and growing numbers of employers across London. Young people receive work experience and training and, in exchange, employers receive autism confidence training and support to develop their workplace to be welcoming to young people with autism.

There is much more to do and the Ambitious Futures Appeal seeks investment to roll out successful pilot programmes.

Learner and Family Support

Families need to quickly develop an expertise in how to support their son or daughter through a maze of legislation, services, support, unfair treatment and even discrimination. Securing careers advice and work experience for their children is a particular challenge for many parents.

That is why our Ambitious Futures Appeal is seeking investment to maintain and extend the charity’s Learner and Family Support programme. Our team runs a series of conferences and events, and provides face-to-face support and information to young people and parents or carers. Talk about Autism, our online community with over 10,000 members, provides advice and support and a place to share experiences.

We hope to expand and develop this support to parents and carers.


If you want to enable young people with autism to get the same education, training and work opportunities as other young people, please support our appeal.

You can read our complete Case for Support: Ambitious Futures Appeal here.

Get in contact with John Trampleasure to find out how you can support the Appeal. Call 020 8815 5144 or email

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