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Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development

At Ambitious about Autism we believe our people are an asset and are committed to investing in building capacity and aim to empower staff to take ownership of their own development with support from the organisation.

We believe all staff have potential to grow, both in their work role and personally, and endeavour to provide opportunities for that growth with responsibility for CPD shared between line managers, the Executive Leadership Team, School and College Leadership teams and individual staff members.

Recognising that individuals learn in different ways, Ambitious about Autism offers activities which may include:

  • modelling good practice
  • shadowing
  • coaching/mentoring
  • group discussion
  • acting up/deputy responsibilities
  • reading (books, journals, reports, newspapers)
  • lectures/conferences/seminars
  • watching educational/training videos
  • e-learning/computer based training
  • visits to other schools, colleges and charities
  • observations
  • internal/external training courses, seminars and learning sets

All our staff are provided with a comprehensive core and role specific induction with internal and external courses offered for technical or specialist training for skills that staff require for their job.

Examples of our CPD opportunities include the following:

Programmes leading to a Professional and Academic Qualification

Ambitious about Autism also provides support to staff who, where appropriate, wish to gain further qualifications linked to the needs of the organisation. 

TreeHouse School is dedicated to the Graduate Programme (BCaBA following completion of the ABA Competencies Project). BCaBA accreditation Masters programme and supporting up to 3 members of staff through School Direct Programme.

Ambitious College is committed to the PBS Competency framework for all staff and is exploring other CPD opportunities n order to grow our own talent.

Programmes that have a specific Management Focus

These include a range of courses on management and leadership development.

Training to meet Legal Requirements

This includes safeguarding training, health and safety training including Team Teach, fire safety and evacuation procedures, data protection and equality and diversity training.

Coaching and Mentoring

Ambitious about Autism encourages line managers to provide coaching and mentoring support for staff who are undergoing CPD.

Professional Memberships

Ambitious about Autism will reimburse staff the cost of professional membership fees that are required for their role in line with our Staff Expenses Policy.

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