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Ambitious College Appeal

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could provide materials and equipment to furnish an art room. 

could purchase kitchen equipment and support us to develop a life skills kitchen.

could support a learner to attend a work experience outside of college and develop their independent living skills.

At Ambitious College we offer young people specialist education and support and provide the vocational and community-based opportunities they need to make a successful transition to an active life in their community. We are a co-located college and have two campuses: our north London campus, the Pears Campus in the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London and our west London campus, the Pears Campus in West Thames College, Isleworth. This co-located approach enables us to extend our curriculum significantly and offer learners a wide range of mainstream vocational learning, social opportunities and work experience. 


We want to grow the college to offer more places. As it stands, we're the only provision supporting young people with complex autism in London. To do so, we need to refurbish the Pears Campus at West Thames College, so that it meets their needs, delivers an expanded curriculum and supports more young people to achieve the future they deserve. Please join us in raising the final £305,000 to establish London’s only day college for 16-25 year olds with complex autism.


Make an investment in the future of some of Britain’s most disadvantaged young people.


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