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Rise School

Rise School

The Rise School was the first school set up by the Ambitious about Autism Schools Trust. Established in September 2014, it had 75 pupils by the end of this academic year. It is a special school, educating pupils aged 4 to 16 with autism. The Rise School is located in West London on the same campus as the Springwest Academy, a thriving secondary mainstream school. This enables pupils to access learning and social opportunities alongside their mainstream peers whilst receiving the specialist support they need.

Pupils at The Rise School access the national curriculum at approximately the same ages as their peers. The school works hand in hand with parents and carers, the Springwest Academy and other local schools, community groups and employers to maximise opportunities for pupils to enjoy and succeed in their learning at the school and to transition to a fulfilling and rewarding adult life.

Our curriculum gives all pupils the opportunity to learn and develop in a creative and supportive learning environment where there is a clear focus on recognising achievement, supporting progression and where pupils feel happy and safe. In order for each pupil's needs to be met, the curriculum is personalised, innovative, creative and flexible.

"Amazing leader and fantastic staff and happy children. Outstanding school. Lovely to see how the vision exceeds all expectations." (Parent)

"I couldn't be happier with all the support you give and couldn't wish for a better school for my son!" (Parent)

Ofsted – Good, 2017

"Pupils flourish in school because their personal development, including their mental well-being, is nurtured."

"Pupils quickly make up for lost ground when they join the school, academically and personally. As a result, better rates of progress are now being made by all current pupils."

"The school's work to promote pupils' personal development and welfare is outstanding."

"The school's main aim, to ensure that pupils are well prepared and able to thrive in their next stage of education and in society, is pivotal to its work."

"Pupils enjoy being kind to each other and adults, and showing their gratitude."

"Pupils conduct themselves well in lessons and around the school. They are very proud of their school and try their best to meet adults' high expectations. As a result, attendance is above that of similar schools nationally, because pupils enjoy school."

"Pupils make good progress in their reading, writing, communication and mathematics."

"The emphasis on developing pupils' communication skills and creativity through art, music, drama and dance means that pupils make good and sometimes rapid progress in their personal development and communication skills. Learning experiences are meaningful, enjoyable and immensely satisfying, boosting pupils' physical and mental well-being."

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