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Exclusions survey

Our research

Our when will we learn research found that nearly half the families we surveyed said their child had been unlawfully excluded from school. This is your opportunity to change this.

The government are asking for views on what guidance should be given to schools and head teachers about exclusions. This consultation closes in April so we need to act quickly.

The guidance is very clear on what an unlawful exclusion is, but doesn’t offer any guidance for parents or for headteachers and governing bodies on how unlawful practices can be reported or monitored.  

We think that the guidance should include details for parents, headteachers and governors on how to report if schools are excluding illegally, who is responsible for monitoring if schools are acting within the law and what the consequences are for schools found to be acting outside of the law.

Informal, unofficial or illegal exclusions

Any ‘Informal’ or ‘unofficial’ exclusions, such as sending a child home ‘to cool off’, or asking a parent to pick them up before the end of the school day are unlawful unless they are recorded and parents are sent a letter telling them about their rights. 


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