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marathon month

Marathon Month

At the end of April last year we had over 100 supporters take part in The 2.6 Challenge and raised an amazing £70k to support children and young people with autism.

The 2.6 Challenges were made up of all types of different skills from building a Lego tower 2.6 meters high to cooking a dinner with 26 different ingredients.

Please support and fundraise what you can throughout the month of April and take part in our marathon distance challenge (26.2 miles) and help make the ordinary possible of children and young people with autism.

To inspire you in your Marathon Month Challenge please look through our list of ideas:


Tough challenges

  • draw a 2.6 on a fitness app
  • cartwheel the equivalent of 2.6 miles
  • learn to count to 26 in a different language
  • do 26 burpees in 2 minutes.


Creative challenges

  • cook a dinner with 26 different ingredients 
  • puzzles, complete 26-word searches, crosswords, or Sudokus and donate for each one you complete
  • do 26 hours of silence
  • hula hoop for 26 minutes.


Family fun challenges

  • 26 TikTok videos with the family 
  • score 26 points in game of scrabble or a board game
  • play your game console for 26 minutes 
  • virtual 26-minute dance party. Each participant could donate £2.60 for every song you dance to.


Company challenges

  • group of 26 to do a virtual work out 
  • a scavenger hunt with your friends/colleagues - challenge them to find and take photos of 26 things beginning with 'A'
  • climb a flight of stairs with seven team mates in a day as part of a relay to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro (19,341 feet)
  • create 26 pieces of art between 26 colleagues.


Cycling challenges

  • Virtual 260 miles collective riden as team 
  • Complete 26 miles in 26 minutes - virtual time trail
  • Host a virtual Rapha coffee morning with 26 friends 
  • Cycle on Zwift for 2.6 hours/ complete a 2.6 hour cycle ride out doors
  • Cycle 26 miles everyday for a week


Running challenges

  • Run 6km daily for 26km 
  • 26 hill runs up your nearest hill
  • 26 reps of 26 different exercises
  • Walk a marathon over 26 days 
  • Complete 26 park runs 
  • Skip for 26 minutes
  • Cycle 26 miles everyday for a week

We would love to see and hear about your awesome challenges, so don’t forgot to send us your photos, and definitely get bragging on social media tagging @ambitiousautism.


Contact the team

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the team by emailing or call 07850 915 714.

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