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Be brave and tell the world

How many times have you started with a ‘healthy intentions’ phase of your life?

Those clothes are feeling too tight, or you’ve got a holiday in a few weeks?

How many Mondays have you said, 'this is a new week, diet starts today'?

How many pairs of new trainers, or training clothing, have you bought are gathering dust in your shoe cupboards and wardrobes? 


Yes, I know new trainers look nice, comfortable, have air pockets and gel, are lightweight and moisture wicking.  But after maybe a run or two, they go back into the cupboard. You see, these are running trainers and can’t possibly be used for anything but running or specific training. The reason why you don’t progress is that you don’t have a goal or a purpose. It’s too easy to fantasise over good intentions and spectacular goals, but unless you commit to something, the likelihood is that you won’t do it. 


Book yourself into an event

So, what’s the first step? Be brave. Book yourself into an event.

There are many events you can find on our events pages, so you can go through and pick something suitable and relative to your current level of fitness. We have places in many events, but we can also support you, in any event, you choose to do.


Set up a sponsorship page

Next, set up a sponsorship page. There are a number but Just Giving and VirginGiving are the most popular. Write your bio, put a smiley photo on the page, and you are good to go. We can help you with this too.

Once you have booked an event, go forth and tell the world. Use the power of social media for some good. As soon as you tell the world, you are accountable.

This works beautifully for a number of reasons.  Accountability is one of the greatest internal drivers when you go through waves of lacking in motivation. You will go through ups and downs, we all do, but once everyone knows what you are doing and are donating their hard-earned money to your charity, you are locked in and committed. 


Commit to it

In 2017, whilst training for the Virgin Money London Marathon, I had an issue with my lower leg. Years of football, ankle sprains, and resulting lack of mobility, meant I was prone to calf and plantar fascia aggravation. I have done a lot of mobility and strength work over the years, but niggles and injuries do happen (particularly when playing football on a stag do).

I was due to be running with a very good friend of mine, who was lucky enough to have received his place through the ballot. This meant he didn’t have the added pressure of having to fundraise, which is a stress that a lot of runners feel. The fortune of getting his place was also partly the cause of his downfall of not actually making the start line.

He actually picked the exact same problem as I had. Instead of resting, getting regular treatment, doing the ‘boring’ strength/flexibility/mobility work, and amending goals for the race, he decided to defer his place. 

Now, whilst I know injuries aren’t fun, and that long-term health is always the priority, he could have made the startline. He wasn’t invested in the event, he hadn’t started fundraising, so had an easy ‘out’. I know it sounds a little harsh, but it’s a reality I’ve seen through too many people. The number of people dropping out of the London Marathon, and many other events, in the final weeks, is staggering. Whilst a number of those are for legitimate reasons, I’ve seen a huge number of those who haven’t started fundraising. 


In conclusion, book one of our events and commit to it