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What is your 'why'?

Before we get to understand what needs to be done for your training, and how to do it, I first want to bring up the reason/s why you are supporting a charity in an event. What is your why?

You may have lost someone close to you, your family may be going through some unfair hardships, you may have lost a bet. Whether you have lost a loved one too early, or had too many drinks and felt you could do anything, the real ‘why’ is the same.

It has to be about you!


All about you

This is really important. Raising money for a wonderful cause is awesome, but please accept that the process from the moment you sign up to an event, to the minute you cross the finish line, is about you. 

You see, unless you make the primary driver about you, then your adherence to your training will be compromised. You will make excuses not to train and you’ll either drop out, or become a martyr and go through pain as “you’re running for charity”.

You may not agree with me on this (yet), but the change in mindset can be so profound, that it can change your life. I’ve seen this again and again. 

Don’t see the event as a destination, but value it as a process. You will be become a better version of yourself through pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.  Whether you are going from couch to five km or aiming for your first marathon, the relative process is the same.

The personal result is the same. You have pushed further than you ever have, and you have grown as an individual.


Tell everyone why you are fundraising 

As a very real example, when you tell someone you are running a marathon, they will ask you two things. How long will you take, and who are you running for?

Most people won’t even understand the concept of marathon timings, yet expect you to break under four hours (the average time is four hours and 30 minutes). They’ll also ask you who you are running for. This is good.

Tell them, tell the world, create a fundraising page and send it to everyone.


Changing your world

The more people hear about it, the more money you will raise, the more likely you will stick with your training and the greater chance of changing the world.  Powerful, right?!

By changing the world, I’m not only referring to raising money for this amazing cause. By committing to self-improvement, you will change your world. 

You will become physically and mentally stronger and healthier, your relationships will improve, your work productivity will improve and, for those who have children, the life-lessons and inspiration they will see from you working towards something can not be underestimated. 


What is your why?