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Join our youth movement

Join our youth movement

Young autistic people play a key role in Ambitious about Autism's work - ensuring the views and needs of autistic young people are heard and understood at the highest levels. You can find get invovled and make your voice heard in several different ways:


The Ambitious about Autism Youth Council 

This is a group of 15 autistic young people aged 16-25 who steer our decision-making and campaigning work. They have worked on many projects that have made a positive impact on their peers - from award-winning mental health research to accessibility resources.


The Ambitious Youth Network

We run a safe online group through Basecamp, an online platform, where autistic young people aged 14 to 25 can access information about current opportunities, work placements or campaigns. Here you can also talk to other autistic young people.


Writing blogs and sharing your story 

We are always keen to hear from autistic young people, their families and friends. If you'd like to write a blog read all the information on our blog page.


Want to find out more or have some questions?

The participation team will be happy to answer any additional questions you ay have so please get in touch