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Be there for young people with autism this Christmas.

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could help provide one-to-one support for learners to make their own decorations to hang on the Christmas tree this year.

could support 60 minutes of our online community forum Talk about Autism - a place where parents can find important support this Christmas.

could fund the recruitment of one youth patron to ensure more young people are given the chance to have their voice heard in the New Year. 

The countdown to the holidays has begun.


Soon we will all be surrounded by the sights and sounds of the festive season – from brightly coloured decorations and flashing lights, to mince pies and singing.


At TreeHouse School, Ambitious College and The Rise School, many pupils and learners love this time of year. Classes are busy making decorations to sell at Christmas markets, holding raffles and preparing to take part in a performance in front of their family and friends.


But across the UK, the festive season can become a stressful and overwhelming time for parents like Sarah - who has four autistic boys. Changes and the lack of structure can be very stressful for some children with autism. Every family is affected differently. 


It can also be a lonely and isolating time for parents and carers as many social care services reduce during the holidays, leaving them with no respite or support network. At this time of year, Ambitious about Autism’s UK-wide online forum ‘Talk about Autism’ is a lifeline for families – bringing together young people with autism and parents, so that they can share advice, support and friendship to help them feel less alone.


Meanwhile, across our schools and college our staff work tirelessly to support each of our pupils and learners so they can enjoy the festivities as fully as possible.


True to our name, we are ambitious through and through, always thinking about where we can be tomorrow. Your donations, however large or small, can be critical to helping us get there. 

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