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How to prepare for a challenge event - ten top tips

Want to take on a challenge event for #TeamAmbitious? Our Fundraising Assistant, Eleanor gives her top ten tips on how to prepare.

1. Be positive and have confidence

Have confidence in yourself because you will make it to the finish line!

Half the challenge of completing a challenge event is your mental state. You will have ups and downs throughout the challenge; which is normal. Instead of giving yourself reasons why you can’t, give yourself reasons why you can! You’ve trained and prepared for it and are ready to take it on and everyone believes in you. 

2. Have the right equipment

You want to have comfortable footwear and clothing to train and complete the event in. You want to avoid blisters, rashes and other uncomfortable things, so either wear your trusted comfy clothing and footwear, or invest in some. Anything to avoid pain while training and on the day, is a worthwhile thing!

3. Have a training plan

The earlier you start training, the more prepared and confident you will be for your event. You can find lots of plans on the web and ensure to tailor it depending what your challenge is. Keep the training relevant to your challenge and find ways to keep it interesting, by changing the type of training you do. This will help you stay committed and will train different muscles as well.

4. Fundraise early 

The same goes for your fundraising too!

If you’re taking on a challenge for Ambitious about Autism, the chances are you’ll want to fundraise as much as possible to help the cause close to your heart. Shout all about it! Tell all your friends, family and colleagues what challenge you’re taking on and why. Set up a fundraising page and post the link on social media. Update it regularly with photos and how your training is going. Be creative with fundraising ideas! Everyone you know will be far more willing to donate, if you do something amusing or tricky, such as giving up something you love, shaving off your hair, or doing something a little bit embarrassing, like turning up to work in your pyjamas! Having said that, a bake sale always goes down a treat too.

5. Eat fuel food and energy snacks

You can give your body a great boost by eating the right sorts of foods before and after training. Your body need energy from carbohydrates and protein to help it perform physically. There are lots of recipes online to try out. Remember to drink sufficient fluid to replace what you lose during training as well.  

6. Join a friend or group

If you can join a training group, gym class, or a friend to train with, the chances are you’ll feel a lot more motivated and committed to your training plan. This works for fundraising too; make use of all your contacts to put on a small event and ask your friends to help out, to make light work of it.  

7. Have rest days

We all need time off from work and school, and it’s the same when training! You need to give your body time off to rest, recover and rebuild! With most physical challenges you will want to give your body time to repair muscles that you have been working hard. You can use this time to try out a new recipe, or update your fundraising page with your training progress!

8. Stretch

Plan some time to stretch after your training. It helps break down lactic acid in your muscles and helps them recover more quickly, while helping you return back to normal sooner. A good stretch will help reduce your chances of injury, while improving your flexibility and will help you on your way to functioning normally the next day!

9. Final preparation

A couple of weeks before your event you will want to ensure you have everything you need. Know where you’re going, at what time and what you need to bring with you (snacks, liquid, extra clothing, ID number for your event). You will want to ensure you have a good night's sleep the day before your event, so you’re feeling fresh in the morning and ready to take on the challenge! Remember to remind everyone that your challenge event has arrived and prompt those who promised to sponsor you. 

10. Most importantly, have fun!

Remember the reasons why you are taking on this challenge for Ambitious about Autism and have fun! All your friends, family and Ambitious about Autism are supporting you and have seen the commitment you have put into preparing for this challenge... Stay positive and believe in yourself! Take lots of photos on the day and remember to update your fundraising page and social media sites, so everyone knows you’ve completed your challenge. Have a well-earned rest, some tasty food and congratulate your self, as you’ve made an incredible contribution to the lives of children and young people with autism. 

If you would like to take on a challenge event as part of #TeamAmbitious, visit:

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