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The world has turned upside down

The world has turned upside down

Coronavirus and lockdown have turned the lives of autistic children and their families upside down.  

Routine, structure and predictability – so vital for autistic children to thrive – have been thrown out the window and every day brings uncertainty. 

We have partnered with best-selling children’s author Kes Gray and renowned illustrator Chloe Batchelor to create a story that explains lockdown to children. 

This wonderful story highlights the impact of recent changes and uncertainty on autistic children - but the experiences will resonate with all families. 


You can read “The world has turned upside down” story from this page, download to your device, or share. Click the 'Fullscreen' button in the centre of the image to see the Download icon (top left) and Share icon (top right).


Donate to support our crisis appeal 

We hope you enjoy this wonderful story. 

While you’re here, please donate to our Coronavirus Crisis Appeal to help us continue to provide the vital support that vulnerable autistic children, young people and their families need urgently. Just £3 can make a huge difference in helping a family to cope when their world has been turned upside down.  



Thank you

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of Kes Gray and Chloe Batchelor. We're also grateful to Red Brick Road, The & Partnership and Tony Gray from Words by Design for giving their time to support the publication of this story.