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Further legal support

Further information on legal support

For further advice and guidance on specific legal support issues, the following organisations host a range of information. 

Here, you can find advice on all types of legal support, you can find local information, advice and support services.   


Challenging health and education decisions  

If you want to challenge a decision made by your local authority in relation to an Education, Health and Care plan, you might be able to get free and confidential advice form the government service, Civil Legal Advice (CLA). To check eligibility and to be referred for legal advice check out the CLA web page.  

The Disability Law Service can also offer you advice about how to challenge decisions made around the health and education. 


Social care support 

The below organisations offer legal advice on social services for children and young people with autism and special educational needs: 

IPSEA (Independent Provider of Special Educational Advice)    


National Autistic Society   

Contact (formerly Contact a Family)  

Coram Children’s Legal Centre  


Children and family support 

If you’re looking for support on children and family issues such as, divorce, parental responsibility, adoption and guardianship the below organisations can offer legal advice: 

Coram Children’s Legal Centre  

Family lives  


Immigration support   

If you or a member of your family needs help with immigration status’, Brexit questions, or VISA applications, the following organisations can support: 

The Aire Centre   

Find your nearest Citizens Advice


Employment support 

If you are looking for legal information regarding disability and employment these organisations can support: 

Disability Law Service  

Find your nearest Citizens Advice


Housing support  

If you and your family are at risk of being evicted or losing your accommodation, the following organisations can offer information and advice: 

Disability Law Service  


Find your nearest Citizens Advice


Benefits support   

If you and your family need support or advice on benefits, the following organisation could help: 

Disability Law Service  


Find your nearest Citizens Advice


Equality and human rights  

If you believe you or your families human rights have been violated, the below organisations can offer information and guidance on what to do: 

Equality and Advisory Service