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I have an idea

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I have an idea

Tue 30 Jan 2018 1:57pm

Hello everyone,

My son is 14 yo and on the autism spectrum, with speech delay.

Because of his limited communication skills, he finds it difficult to make friends, even if he loves people and is very sociable.

It is extremely difficult to make friends, and I know that he would love to meet and play with other children around his age. If there are patents who experience the same dilemma, please get in touch. If there are people who can give advice on the matter, it will bw much appreciated.

My idea was maybe to meet with other parents and their children who feel lonely and get together for some time, just to see if this can work and ease our children's loneliness. I believe that there is nothing to lose in trying new things for our children...

Thank you all, 



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    That sounds a great idea.

    It would be worth checking with your local Council whether they have any groups for children with ASD, you may find friends there, and someone to share your issues with.

    Let us know how you get on.

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