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Children with autism become adults with autism. What's the purpose of education if it doesn't prepare them to thrive in the future, secure independence and develop their employability skills?

"I feel the education system has left me struggling to carry on." 

Simply, all young people with autism want is a fair chance to continue their education, prepare themselves for adulthood, including independence and employment, and be accepted within their community. Their hopes and dreams for the future are no different to anyone else, but their chances of reaching them are.

Learning, both academically and socially, continues well beyond school, yet fewer than one in four young people with autism continue their education beyond this. This is not because they don’t want to, or aren’t able, but because we do not prepare young people with autism to make this important transition and we do not have enough provision to meet their needs, leaving them with no option other than to finish their education.  

It’s vital that young people with autism are supported in the move from school to further education, and eventually into work, so they can develop the best skills to help them reach their full potential. All young people deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential and not to be excluded from society or the workplace, and this includes young people with autism. Let’s remove the barriers into adulthood for young people with autism and enable them to thrive and achieve their potential.

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