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General directory of support organisations:


Every local authority should have a diagnosis pathway that your GP can refer your loved one to.

This explains a bit more about the process of diagnosis:

British Psychological Society has a directory of chartered psychologists:

Safety -


An ABC chart is a way of recording behaviours; you record the Antecedent (what happened beforehand, who was there, where your child was), the Behaviour itself, and the Consequence (what happened following the behaviour). This can help to identify triggers and patterns of behaviour.


National Association of Specialist Education Colleges online directory:

Home ABA tutor services:

Provides specialist nannies for children with additional needs:

Video-modelling and photographic scheduling resources:

Outreach, art therapy and holiday schemes:


Drug and Alcohol Addicition -



Irwin Mitchell -

Douglas Silas -

Melinda Nettleton -

Just for Kids Law -

Advocacy and Crisis

Advocacy can be useful where a child or young person also has mental health needs or is in crisis:


Support to find employment:

Workplace issues

Information on handling issues at work:


Common concerns and support that partners/adults with a diagnosis may encounter:


Information on supported living for people with learning disabilities

Online forums

Training and Seminars:

Seminars for parents:

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Understanding Disability Discrimination for Parents on 02/12/2016

Understanding Exclusions for Parents 08/12/2016

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