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Talk about autism

About our community

Talk about Autism is the UK's largest online autism community. We have a team of moderators - and it's friendly - our community is supportive and welcoming to new members. You can discuss anything related to autism.

New to the community? Please start a discussion and tell us a bit about yourself. If you need some help getting started don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to assist you.

You can find us on the homepage under 'Talk to others'.

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Welcome to members! Come and introduce yourself.

Tue 01 Sep 2015 10:34am

Welcome to the forum!

What’s it all about? As the name suggests, this is a space to talk about autism with others.

You can share your thoughts and experiences, frustrations, joys and anything at all related to autism!

We want this to be a safe and friendly space to chat.

Here you can introduce yourself to the community. You might want to share a hobby or interest or your connection with autism.If you've been a member of the community for a while,...

Charlotte, Community Manager
Leila Kay

Newly diagnosed partner - where to start with support

Thu 27 Oct 2016 7:53pm

My husband was given an asd diagnosis this summer and the initial shock has worn off and I'm turning my thoughts to how we now get support.
So questions -
1. We are on a low income but due to asd hubby has limited work experience / NI contributions. Where do we even start for government financial support?
2. Hubby struggles with many things but when our GP asked him what he found hard, he had nothing to say because he doesn't think of them as difficulties - but he has...




Fri 21 Oct 2016 3:29pm

Hi everyone this is my first post so be gentle  

my son aged 7 has recently been diagnosed with autism and I have a few questions . 

The main question is does anyone have any tips to help get my son to sleep , he says he is tired but cannot drop off and will not stay in his room he follows me wherever I go and gets really angry if I tell him he has to go to bed , also when he is misbehaving for instance beating his younger brother up I try to calm the situation and tell him if...


Looking back on the first two years after my AS diagnosis

Wed 05 Oct 2016 1:38pm

Hello everybody,

I’ve written a little piece reflecting on the first two years after my AS diagnosis. If anyone’s interested, please have a look:

Flat with a balcony?


Flat with a balcony?

Mon 24 Oct 2016 9:10pm

Hi guys. Haven't been here for quite a while now for various reasons but well need on advise from someone who understands...

Thing is... I'm on 2 bed ground floor flat with tiny garden at the moment (Coucil  Flat) My 2 boys (older 5y Xavier have is on spectrum and have right sided cerebral palsy, younger Eric is 3y and is also on spectrum and suspected ADHD) currently have bedroom each (they are not allowed to share room), so me & my hubby leaves in lounge/kitchen. Also we have to...

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