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Talk about Autism is the UK's largest online autism community. We have a team of moderators - and it's friendly - our community is supportive and welcoming to new members. You can discuss anything related to autism.

New to the community? Please start a discussion and tell us a bit about yourself. If you need some help getting started don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to assist you.

You can find us on the homepage under 'Talk to others'.

Talk about Autism was created in partnership with TalkTalk. 

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Cat Ferris

Illegal school exclusions - has your child been affected?

Fri 19 Jan 2018 10:46am

Hi all,

I'm Cat - I'm media manager for Ambitious about Autism. Thank you for reading my first post!

As we continue to campaign for change to make sure children and young people with autism get a better deal at school, we're planning on releasing a news story in the next few months about the problem of illegal school exclusions. These are incidents where children with autism are sent home from school early without a formal letter - or kept apart from their...


nighwaves - radio 3 - uta frith - autism

Fri 16 Mar 2012 3:44pm

...Rana Mitter interviews husband and wife team Chris and Uta Frith. Both are eminent neuroscientists, leaders in their fields - Chris Frith, Emeritus Professor at the Wellcome Trust specialises in schizophrenia - - and Uta Frith, Professor at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London in autism -

robyn steward


robyn steward

Wed 23 Mar 2011 2:05pm

...My Name is Robyn Steward and I am an adult with Asperger’s syndrome. I am a specialist trainer and mentor. I provide training to anyone who comes into contact with people with Asperger’s. My belief is to learn from a person not just a text book.

Because I have Asperger’s I feel that not only does my training provide the theory but also the insight...

Autistic Liberal

Political Blogger Seeking Readers

Sun 14 Jan 2018 3:21pm

Hi all,

I'm an amateur political blogger with a liberal world-view and pro-European outlook. I write a blog to promote political ethics and demonstrate first-hand that autistic people can engage in politics. I've joined this forum to try and build my readership.

The blog is at

As politics can be an incendiary subject (and there are some dangerous individuals out there), I write...


Diagnosing Aspergers in Females

Thu 11 Jan 2018 5:03pm

Hi, I really need some help. My daughter is 19 and went for an assessment yesterday for Aspergers and, she was turned down. This is despite her being accepted into a specialist autism unit linked to our local college and they've said that in their professional opinion, they've no doubts that she's on the spectrum. We're now Ina position where we have to get a second opinion and fight against the decision that's been made. Has anyone else been in this position and if so, what did you do?  ...

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