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Deep Pressure Therapy & Pressure Vest

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Deep Pressure Therapy & Pressure Vest

Fri 10 May 2013 1:31pm


Just wondering if anyone here has tried pressure/weighted-vests and at which point did you find out about it.

Was it through personal research or therapist-recommended?


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    Hi Clement,

    It's fine to ask this on our forum as a general question but I just want to encourage you to check out our Community guidelines on advertising and research, in case you haven't seen them already, as I know that this is your area of business. That being said, I appreciate you being upfront and honest about your work before asking the question. 

    Mike - Former Community Manager
  • clementtay's picture

    Thanks for the heads-up Mike,

    I was a little bit concerned before posting this too actually.
    BTW - the link to the "Framework for Research Ethic" is broken, it links to which is a broken link I think.

  • Mullybum's picture

    Hi Clement

    We had heard about weighted vests and blankets through researching sensory issues online, but our occupational therapist lent us the 'bear hug' which we have now which is an elasticated corset with velcro and shoulder straps. It certainly seems to help to calm him when he is a bit agitated Smile

  • em_chickens's picture


    is that the south paw bear hug/deep pressure vest/has it got little red paw prints on the neoprene straps? am wearing it in avatar,have had mine for years-bought it from rompa, and it still doing its job!

    and oh yes woud recommend it to anyone with autism, though staff of mine hate it and say they dont know how am able to wear it.

    when wearing it,will feel nice,calm,able to tolerate things a bit better.

    have also got a specialist super heavy weight weighted jacket,was bought it by the autism/residential org am living under,each weight can be removed as there in different places,its only not good when using it whilst in a chair because it presses on the spine,dont know the name of the company and left it at home at the weekend by accident so cant check. Blum 3

    a lot of people make their own weighted wear and weighted blankets so have a look into that as it woud save a lot of money,if have got a sewing machine or know someone who has and uses one thats even better because disabled products are a legal robbery.

    the child coud even choose the exact fabric they liked if were to take them to a fabric store or show them a picture of it.

    severely autistic L&MF,LD adult in residential care please feel free to ask questions!
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    Hi Emma Smile

    I think ours is just a basic version of the one you have, it's just an elasticated velcro corset, but now we know that it helps my little one we will probably invest in a better one in the future. Haven't tried weighted jacket/vest yet but would like to give one a go! Unfortunately I have no sewing skills of any kind lol so wouldn't even attempt to make my own but I agree with you, anything that has special needs in the title is automatically quadrupled in price it seems, which is just wrong! x

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    Use of sand vests to calm children with ADHD sparks concern

    Experts divided on practice adopted by 200 German schools to curb pupils’ restlessness...


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    I stumbled across this programme last night. Temple noticed that some cattle were calmed by pressure from farm machinery that held them still during vaccination. She tried it herself, and it had the same effect on her, so she build her own version for her home!

    Nasreen Rich

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