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Differentiating between real science and fake science

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Differentiating between real science and fake science

Wed 14 Dec 2011 3:55pm

A fantastic article on the Thinking Person's Guide to Autism about the difference between real and fake science: http://thinkingautismguide.blogspot.com/2011/12/differentiating-between-real-science.html. Thoughts?


Mike - Former Community Manager

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    Hello Mike,

    Science cannot provide the answers to everything in life, and for some things we need a different set of principles in order to study them.  Having said that - fake science as marketing is a real problem, and some of these hints are quite useful.

    Damian - Community Champion

    Damian - Retired Community Champion
  • amberlight's picture

    It's a good article, but it's also missed out one of the big problems we have;  Experts who have no personal experience of the subject they're talking about. In the field of autism, for example, we have any number of PhD qualified experts who are not on the autism spectrum, and whose understanding of us and our autism is absolutely minimal, quite frankly.  I've lost track of the number of times I have met allegedly expert people who are giving talks about how to make life better for those on the autism spectrum....whilst holding the meeting in a place that we mostly cannot access, and using language most of us cannot understand and in ways that many of us cannot follow, and without a single speaker on the autism spectrum to back them up.  Saw a classic example of this during this week.  If they understood autism even slightly, none of that would occur.

    So I'm afraid I am rather sceptical about the claim that those with a PhD are to be relied upon compared to 'snake oil salespeople'.  Both can be a real problem. 

    Ann - Community Champion

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