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early intervention

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early intervention

Thu 14 Nov 2013 10:23pm

Dear All,

I am new to this post and I am very thankful to all who have shared their advice here.

I am also new to this all; my 4 year old son likely has ASD and am waiting for him to have further assessments an official diagnosis and SEN. 

I am really hoping some one reading this would be able to help me with the following

1. Is there any ABA program that can be set up for my son prior to his diagnosis? I do not expect the LEA to fund such a program at this stage so I am planning to pay myself with the hope that once the diagnosis and Statement is in place the LEA will agree to fund this. Am I realistic in this assumption? I need to know before going down this route as I cannot fund the program indefinately - there so much I have saved. But Im willing to use this saved funds here as I have come to beleive that early interventions have better outcome. Sons has been attending mainstream school with no SEN help. No help fullstop. It is completely useless. He is struggling on various fronts- speech/communication and toiletting- has an intense fear of going anywhere but home, now I bring him home after morning session as he is getting frustrated all day. School has no idea on what to do except to wait on diagnosis. Even more frustrating is that we need to wait yet another 3 months for SALT for initial assessment- this after waiting for 2 months already. Thankfully we are to see Comm Paed for intial assessment in 1 month time- as we have already waited for 3 month( will be 4 by the time we see him).

2. I am wondering does private SALT assessment/ Education Psych Assessment- does anything done privately accepted by NHS consultant in making the diagnosis? Or are we to go for an initial assessment and then just wait for everything/everyone in NHS to reach a decision?

3. If I can have private assessments can anyone suggest where/who to turn to please? Dont want to go to a clinic where the sole idea of its establishment is to generate false income and scare me with exagerating son's condition.

4. I am based in Warrington and would like to know if any one can recomend an ABA Consultant/Programe locally. I have read about PEACH -they are fairly expensive. Is there any other suggestions?


Best regards to all.

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    I was doing similar research recently Wink We live in Hull and the only place I have found was in Leeds. My girl is 4.5 and in the mainstreem school, so a bit late for full ABA homebased program (in my opinion). Instead I watched all possible you tube videos/ medical conferences etc and I started to do some of it with Nell at home, after school.

    I was shocked to discover, that someone already done it!! I know my child, It was very obvious she's been trained in ABA already. Spoken to my husband and we both agreed it has to be children centre, where she use to have her speech therapy.We have a school/home diary, that we use everyday to put notes about Nells behavoiur so next morning we wrote down about us trying to do ABA. School's replay was:This method we are using with Nell from September.

    My jaws dropped. Going to school next week for a meeting with SENCO to talk more about it. I am very happy they do it however also very concern noone mention it to us before. Lots of questions in my head.

    My point of this post is: ask your local primary schools, perhaps there is no need to spend so much money on private therapy?

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    Thank you Happymumof2. I appreciate it.

    Could you please tell me how you know about the cut of age? Does ABA needs starting at a ceratin age? And what age does the intervention show no effect at? Please tell where you found this evidence.

    Yes I have spoken to local Primary school- they are a very small school and have no skills in even basic things like makatons/PECS. They are friendly and helpful in everyway but they just dont know. Head teacher said she will find out re ABA, but I doubt it anyone has even tried it in Warrington- unless it is someone who has run a program privately at home.

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    Dear Moderators/Forum readers, please if you have any information on my query then do reply. Thank you in advance.

  • happymumof2's picture

    Hmm it has to be one of medical conferences that I've seen. Will try to find it out for you. There is no age limit, you can do it at any time, but it's between 2-6y of age when the best progress can be made. I don't like the idea of home schooling, children need to make a friends and to learn to be between other people.

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    Welcome to the forum Smile

    I dont have any experience of ABA but the Research Autism website does have some info on it and some interesting links that you could have a read at ... you can find it here:   http://researchautism.net/autism_treatment_therapy_intervention_recovery_cure_alphabeticallist.ikml?ra=24

    Hope this helps.

    Josie - Community Champion
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    Try to google Lovaas Model.

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    Hi, I realise this answer is some years after your post! We live in Warrington and have an autistic son, who is 6 years old. I'd be really interested to know if your son has made any progress with ABA and how he has developed in the last 6-7 years. Cheers, Michael

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    I would first wait for the results before even using an intervention such as ABA.

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