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Steve McGuinness

Free Resources

Wed 8 Apr 2009 5:21pm
Hello Everyone,

Listed here are certain websites on the subject of social stories, please let me know what you think. what makes them an even better resource is that schools can download them and they cost very little or are infact free, got to be good in anyone's book.


I think the boy means well but he is distinctly inclined to be inattentive......

Tutor of Winston Churchill to Lord Randolph Churchill,

Winston's father




'Autism is not a tragedy, Ignorance is the real tragedy'

"Just as the rainbow has its spectrum so too has Autism.....welcome to the colour-se7en..
'Autism is not a tragedy, Ignorance is the real tragedy' 'Just as the rainbow has its spectrum so too has Autism.....welcome to the colour-se7en.

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    Dame Stephanie Shirley

    A businesswoman-turned-philanthropist has pledged £1m to a research centre dedicated to understanding autism.

    Dame Stephanie "Steve" Shirley, who founded a software firm in the 1960s, will give the donation to the Patrick Wild Centre at the University of Edinburgh...

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    how new is the new philanthropy? - programme on bbc radio 4.

    interview with shirley - 20 minutes into programme approx.


    Dame Stephanie Shirley was once worth £150 million. Now, she's given so much of her wealth away in philanthropic gifts (along with the bursting of the bubble) that she is no longer on the Sunday Times Rich List. And she's proud of the achievement...

    i can't help wondering if dame stephanie and her husband routinely re-enact scenes from airplane when at home.

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    Thanks for the link, Michael. Wow, what an inspiring person! Haha, been a long time since I watched Airplane :). Great film.

    - Mike 

    Mike Stuart
    Community Manager
    Talk about Autism 

    Mike - Former Community Manager
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    Dame Shirley's a really nice lady in real life, too.  I work with one of her charities and met her a few months ago. 

    Ann - Community Champion

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    interview with dame shirley on this morning's `today` programme - bbc radio 4 - about 25 minutes into the programme.

    direct link to audio via audioboo -

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    Libby Purves meets philanthropist Dame Stephanie Shirley...

    ...Dame Stephanie Shirley is a technology entrepreneur turned philanthropist. At the age of five she escaped Nazi Germany on the Kindertransport before going on to set up a computer programming company which made her a millionaire many times over. But she has given away most of her fortune and became the Government's founding Ambassador for Philanthropy.

    Her autobiography 'Let It Go' is published by Andrews UK -

  • michaelz's picture

    dame shirley is on `broadcasting house` - tomorrow - on the newspaper review panel - sunday 24th november - programme starts just after 09.00 hours but the paper review is usually somewhere in the final 20 minutes from about 09.40 hours onwards.

    BH will be on iplayer afterwards.

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    dame shirley reveals all about corrugated cardboard on floor and related doll.

    36 minutes approx into bbc radio 4  - tuesday's PM.

  • michaelz's picture

    dame's living arrangements - everything you always wanted to know.


    type into the search box at -

    Dame Stephanie Shirley's two-level apartment in Henley-on-Thames is a



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    dame shirley at women-only conference may 25th, 2017.


    Join us for WACL’s annual training event that helps future female leaders in marketing and communications rise and shine.

    This year, we’re looking at how to WORK YOUR WAY...



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