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gary numan -asperger's

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gary numan -asperger's

Sun 7 Oct 2012 11:25am

interview in OK magazine - october 9th -


interviewer says ..."we were met at the door by loveable giant english mastiff wilbur and were nearly knocked over onto the 80s electro icon's collection of swords in the process!

"gary told us how wilbur - who acts as gary's only son in a house of four girls - is so big he's having to be classed as a small horse for his flight to the states..."

gary says :

"...i've got asperger's so i don't interact too well with humanity at the best of times...gemma's forced me to go out more. it's only the last 15 or 20 years or so i've started to go out. i'm still not comfortable with it."

gemma says :

"we'll be getting ready to go out and he'll be stressed and worried. i have to ignore him and get him in the car because when he's there he'll have a lovely time..."


they're moving to california for career progression and because gary thinks californian culture is more open to girls' advancement.


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    Thanks for posting this, Michael. I hadn't seen it confirmed that Gary was diagnosed.

    Mike - Former Community Manager
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    the people's songs - bbc radio 2.


    ...with his first stiff, robotic appearance on Top Of The Pops (self-effacingly put down to a glut of nerves and a dearth of showmanship), Numan resonated with many kids who also felt alienated...

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    interview with gary numan - robert elms show - bbc radio london - 2 hours and 35 minutes into programme onwards (approx).


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    gary guests - `loose ends` - tonight on bbc radio 4.

    28th june, 2014 - 18.15 hours.

    Clive [Anderson] talks to synth-pop pioneer Gary Numan.

    With hits on both sides of the Atlantic, David Bowie has said of him: "Gary Numan has written some of the finest things in British pop."

    Gary's brand of sexy, idiosyncratic music has filled darker dance floors for over 35 years, and he continues on a nationwide tour with his latest album 'Splinter'.

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    Janice Long takes the electronic pioneer, who David Bowie once credited with writing two of the finest songs in British music, back to some West London haunts and looks at influences and highlights from Gary Numan's Tubeway Army and solo career, which spans nearly four decades.

    Gary was born Gary Webb in Hammersmith. His Dad drove buses at Heathrow Airport and his Mum bought him his first acoustic guitar at the age of five.

    School didn't go so well, but he was always obsessed with music and machines, specifically airplanes and racing cars.

    Gary and Janice return to Heathrow to talk about childhood and plane spotting and the site of a record shop in Earls Court where Gary signed a deal for his punk band in 1978. Gary mentions discovering a Moog synthesizer in the studio and arguing, successfully, with his record company to re-interpret all the punk recordings as electronic numbers.

    They discuss his visits to the Hammersmith Odeon, the pressure of his number one singles and albums, world tours and retirement on location at Wembley Arena.

    The story comes up to date with Gary's move to California and his 22nd studio album.

    radio programme -


    times magazine article - he's had 5 hair transplants and a facelift - on nardil and valium for 18 months when young - family has 9 cats.

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