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Thu 12 Mar 2009 3:27pm

I'm Georgina and I live in Suffolk i have 2 kids, my youngest (aged 10) has Autism and learning disabilities he is lovely but full of inventive ways to keep me busy! my oldest is a girl age 14 who has no problems- apart from being 14.

Our son goes to a local special school  which on the whole we like and he seems to be happy there. We spend a lot of time outdoors running off energy- swimming in the sea, walking the dog, bouncing on a trampoline, 


look forward to sharing ideas with other parents


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    Hi ya, and welcome.
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    Hello Georgina and wecome Smile
    Nicky - Community Champion
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    Hello Georgina, and welcome to the boards.
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    Hi Georgina, welcome to the community and thanks for introducing yourself. I'm the community manager - so if you have any questions about the forum let me know. Have a look around and don't be afraid to start topics - it would be great to hear of any experiences or advice you could share with us. It sounds like you find exercise useful, it would be great if you could tell us a bit more about that. Please note there is not a link to the community from the main part of this website (as we are not launching the community area publicly yet) so please bookmark or favourite the link : http://www.treehouse.org.uk/talk-autism. Looking forward to reading your posts. Paula
    Paula Barrett Community Manager talk about autism paula@talkaboutautism.org.uk

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