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Hello from Canada

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Hello from Canada

Mon 9 Mar 2009 1:18pm

Hello everyone,

 My name is Marco and I'm a father of two wonderful kids, one of which is autistic.  My son is 11 years old and was diagnosed officially at 7 years old.  We've known that something was wrong since he was 2 years old, and we were put on track to the possibility of autism when he was about 4 years old.

I've long since tried to share my experiences (and little bit of knowledge) with everyone willing to listen to me, thinking that if it might help them, then everything I know and share is not wasted.  I am not a doctor and certainly cannot pretend to fully understand everythign behind autism but what I do know is what I felt (and still feel).  I grew just as much as my son grew, and it hasn't always been an easy path, but trust me, I would not trade my son for anything in the world. 

Often enough, in cases like these, we often think we are alone in our endeavours, but we're not.  There are so much more people like us than we'd like to think.  And that's why we have to make this as public as possible, so that it is not a taboo subject. That's my way of helping.

I hope to see and hear from you very soon.

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  • paula@talkaboutautism.org.uk's picture
    Hi Marco, Thanks for your introduction - and being the very first member to introduce yourself! Welcome to talk about autism. That's exactly what we're hoping to get from the community - a place for people like yourself to share your experiences with those who may have just got a diagnosis of their child, or still have many questions. It would be great to hear your experiences from the point of view of a father. Feel free to start conversations in the other sections of the forums, if you have any experiences you'd like to share, or advice or links to resources. It's only just launched today so we're hoping to spark off some interesting discussions. Please visit back often. Remember there is not a link to the community from the main part of this website (as we are not launching the comunity area publicly yet) so please bookmark or favourite the link : http://www.treehouse.org.uk/talk-autism If you have any questions about the community, let me know. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks, Paula
    Paula Barrett Community Manager talk about autism paula@talkaboutautism.org.uk
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    Hi marco
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    Hello Marco,

     Look forward to getting to know you


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    Hi Marco

    Looking forward to chatting with you


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