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Hello from Nicky

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Hello from Nicky

Mon 9 Mar 2009 8:32pm

Hello. My name is Nicky. I am married to Ken, and we have two wonderful boys. The eldest is 11 and the youngest is 6, and has high-functioning autism. He has problems with social interaction and anger management, and cannot cope with changes to his routine. He is at mainstream school, and they are in the process of applying for a stautory assessment with a view to getting a statement of special educational need. I've done loads of research about autism in general, and now I'm teaching myself all about statements and assessments, so I guess that will be the topic of most of my questions on this forum.

 My eldest boy has passed his 11+ exam and will be going to the local grammar school from September. We are hugely proud of him, not least because he has a lot to deal with due to his brother's condition, and he loves him unconditionally (well, most of the time!!)

 Looking forward to meeting you all

 Nicky x

Nicky - Community Champion

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  • TomGray's picture

    Hi Nicky, I've been doing the statement thing for six or seven years now and I still can't get my head arount it all. On top of which the process seems to vary from area to area!

    Any time you want to compare notes let me know!

    Your young son sounds a little like me lol

  • NickyB's picture
    Thanks Tom. I'm glad to say that our SENCO and the LEA do seem to be quite organised, so I'm hoping it won't be too bad !!
    Nicky - Community Champion
  • Deb's picture

    Hi Nicky

    welcome on board hope the statement process goes smoothly for you

  • MarcoS's picture

    Hi Nicky,

      Welcome to the boards.  I'm also very proud of my 11 year old son who just passed his 2nd grade. Yes he is a bit late for his age, but his improvements are so quick right now.  Just like you I'm very proud of every successes he has.

  • mum2two's picture

    Hi Nicky,

     I'm mum to two boys with Autism, looking forward to chatting with you


  • paula@talkaboutautism.org.uk's picture
    Hi Nicky, welcome to the communities. : ) Great to hear you have lots of questions - this is what the community is for. Please do post them up by starting a topic in another section (if you're unsure where to post your questions, just ask). hopefully we'll get some good discussions and advice sharing! Please note there is not a link to the community from the main part of this website (as we are not launching the community area publicly yet) so please bookmark or favourite the link : http://www.treehouse.org.uk/talk-autism. As we've just launched we're looking for comments on what you like and don't like about the community - so if you have any feedback, please post it up! http://www.treehouse.org.uk/forums/general-forums/feedback-and-help Paula
    Paula Barrett Community Manager talk about autism paula@talkaboutautism.org.uk
  • NickyB's picture
    Thanks for the welcome everyone Biggrin
    Nicky - Community Champion
  • LynneM's picture

    Hi Nicky,
    Nice to meet you.  I have a daughter Rachel aged 11, and a son Rory aged 6.  Rory has autism and attends a local special needs school part time, and is home educated part time on an ABA/VB program that we run.
    We are in Scotland, and so the education system is a bit different to in England, but is just as frustrating!!  
    Hope your experience goes smoothly
  • ShelaghM's picture

    Hi Nicky

    looking forward to chatting with you


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