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Hello from Sandra

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Hello from Sandra

Fri 13 Mar 2009 10:03am

Hello everyone, my name is Sandra, I live in Carmarthenshire in South Wales, I'm in my second marriage of nearly 18 years with 4 children aged 26, 23, 16 and 14 and I also have 5 grandchildren. My 16 year old son has High Functioning Autism and was officially diagnosed when he was 7, although we suspected he had autism before he was 3.

My son attends a small annexe for pupils on the higher functioning end of the spectrum (6 pupils - 1 teacher, 4 support staff) of a school which also houses an Autistic unit which my son attended for 2 years, before moving over to the annexe. I will go into more detail regarding his education on the education section of the forum later, as like many, it hasn't been an easy ride. His interests are mainly circled around computing, but he likes to view and draw pictures of street lights, toilets/plumbings and roads/maps/signs

My son has been going through a number of assessments recently, due to the fact he hits his forehead with his wrists when he gets anxious or if anything goes wrong with the computer. There is a permanent lump on his forehead and his wrists are also permanently bruised and swollen also. He is able to control this anger whilst at school, but as we all know, kids bottle things up and at all comes out when they get home!

Mental Health have refused to help, as they say his problem is down to his autism and not mental health and as his IQ is above 70, he cannot obtain help or therapy from the learning disability services. So basically, he stuck in the middle with no help or therapy regarding his anger and self harming. We are waiting for a meeting to be held with the Family Support Team, the Transition Social Worker and various other bodies such as the GP, to discuss a way forward in helping Daniel with his extreme anxieties. We have asked the GP for the possibility of medication and my son is due to go back to see her next week.

Glad I found this site and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all Smile

Sandra xx

ps. Im also on Facebook, so if anyone wants to add me....please do Smile


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  • paula@talkaboutautism.org.uk's picture
    Hi Sandy, welcome to the communities and thanks for posting an introduction. : ) I'm the community manager of talk about autism - so if you have any questions, just ask. It sounds like you are going through a challenging time. Please do post up any questions that you have, or if you just want to share your experiences and feelings - that's what the community is for. You might want to ask for advice in our education section (http://www.treehouse.org.uk/forums/education) or Medical and Health (http://www.treehouse.org.uk/forums/autism/medical-and-health). We've also got a Social area for when you want to just chat or let off some steam! (http://www.treehouse.org.uk/forums/general-forums/take-break) I hope you find the community useful. Please not there's no link elsewhere on the site to this section at the moment (as we haven't publicly launched) sp please bookmark or save the link http://www.treehouse.org.uk/forum All the best, Paula
    Paula Barrett Community Manager talk about autism paula@talkaboutautism.org.uk
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    Thanks Paula, some good suggestions there Smile

    Sandra x

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    Hello Sandra and welcome Smile
    Nicky - Community Champion
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    Hello Sandra and welcome to the boards.

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