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Helping children with autism to access faith groups

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Helping children with autism to access faith groups

Thu 31 Mar 2011 3:14pm

Very good new resource available from the Church of England for anyone who wants to go to a church event (wedding, funeral, baptism, Sunday School, whatever else) with their children and is worried about them coping. Handy hints for the people running it!


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    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for posting this. I think this is a great resource for anyone looking to make church events more inclusive :).

    - Mike 

    Mike - Former Community Manager
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    Hi Ann

    I was just wondering if you think it would be helpful to add this link to your original thread:  Faith, Religion, Spirituality and Autism.   It has some other useful links in it and some good conversation on the subject.  It actually may even just be enough to have this link to the old thread so that it can be accessed from here.

    As you already know, Ann, this is another area of special interest to me;   I teach the nursery class in my Church on a Sunday and one of the children is on the spectrum (as are a few other members that I am aware of).  We have also had a missionary serve in our Ward recently who was also on the spectrum so inclusion is very much encouraged in all areas.

    It's certainly a change from when Tom was young (I was a member of a different Church then) and I generally had to leave when Tom's need to make noise upset the rest of the congregation.   I have read only recently on another forum where some church's still expect parents to take children with autism and other issues that invoke "different" behaviour into their soundproof booth.   I was rather shocked that this still went on.


    Josie - Community Champion
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    Hi Ann,

    I've moved this from Seasonal Discussions to General Autism as I think it is more relevant there.

    - Mike 

    Mike Stuart
    Community Manager
    Talk about Autism 

    Mike - Former Community Manager
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    Josie, yup, and alas it doesn't just happen to children.  I know of a reasonable number of cases where it's been adults on the autism spectrum who have been told that they are only welcome at church if they can behave like they're not autistic.  I'm guessing the churches don't require people who are Blind to pretend they're not, but that's the strange world we sometimes live in.  Luckily my belief is that God loves us all and welcomes us all, as we are.  And so I continue to work to help faith groups to achieve this. 

    Ann - Community Champion

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    alternatively, for those of the jewish persuasion - article in the jewish chronicle :

    gesher school -


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