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Hi from Crofty

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Hi from Crofty

Fri 13 Mar 2009 6:41pm

Hi everyone, I'm Crofty (Tracy), I'm a part-time greeting card designer and mum to two boys on the autistic spectrum. My 7yr old Zak has Aspergers and my 5yr old Kai has severe autism and additional complex care needs.

I've join basically to expand my support network, meet new people in similar situations and continually grow in any knowledge I receive.

I would particularly like to chat to people who have children with more complex care needs and also in particular any sensory issues.


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  • NickyB's picture

    Hi Tracy and welcome Smile

    I have 2 boys - 11 year old M, and 6 year old S, who has high-functioning autism.

    Nicky x

    Nicky - Community Champion
  • ShelaghM's picture

    Hi tracy

    I have two boys 11 and 13  the younger one Ethan has severe autism. You certainly have your hands full!  Ethan has sensory difficulties , certain sounds are very painful for him such as dogs barking or babys crying!  Also orally is difficult for him, brushing his teeth for example is painful and he can actually vomit afterwards.  We do have an OT report now which I am still trying to get my head around, its fasciinating what they can find out about your child. 


  • MarcoS's picture

    Hello Tracy,

      Welcome to the boards, I'm sure you'll find plenty of people to extend your network.

  • paula@talkaboutautism.org.uk's picture
    Hi Tracey, welcome to the community. If you'd like to meet people with similar experiences of your own or ask for advice, feel free to start a topic about the issues you're concerned about. I'm sure you'll get some good responses and discussions. Please note there is not a link to the community from the main part of this website (as we are not launching the community area publicly yet) so please bookmark or favourite the link : http://www.treehouse.org.uk/talk-autism. Let me know if you have any questions about the community or any feedback on what you think of the site. Paula : )
    Paula Barrett Community Manager talk about autism paula@talkaboutautism.org.uk

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