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Hi from Tom and family

TomGray's picture

Hi from Tom and family

Mon 9 Mar 2009 7:02pm

Hi, I'm 53 with asperger syndrome. I have six children, three boys three girls; two of my boys almost certainly have AS, they are also dispraxic as am I. I am a full time single parent and a part time musician, and we live on a windy hillside in West Wales.

I think this forum will be very helpful to folks like us, and I congratulate the founders for their efforts.

I am on Facebook and would love to hear from both other aspergers and parents of asperger kids.

My Facebook group is at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=49681432621

Thanks and best of luck!

Tom Gray

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  • Deb's picture
    Hi Tom ,Welcome on board
  • Nianya's picture

    Hi Tom,

    Kudos to you for single parenting. Have been to UK several times, even worked there in Manchester for 6 mos, but never got to Wales. I hear its beautiful. 


    Writer, editor, publisher, photographer and mother of two autistic children


    Nianya Writer, editor, publisher, photographer and mother of two autistic children www.magicalmischiefmaker.com
  • TomGray's picture

    Hi, thanks for replying.

    Well the single parenting is tiring, frustrating, sometimes a pain is the ass, but it is also so very rewarding!

    We are in West Wales near a place called Fishguard, I came here 20 years ago from New Zealand and loved the place so much I stayed! Yes, it is very beautiful here.

    Wow, lucky to have two autistic children. They could have been boringly normal! One thing you should know about my family is that we are all very positive about our autism and try and work with the things we are best at.

    Nice to meet you.


  • TomGray's picture

    Thanks Deb, well I think this site was long overdue!

    Do you have an autistic family member or are you on the 'professional' side of things?

  • Deb's picture
    I have two teenagers on the spectrum a daughter with severe autism etc and a son on the spectrum also
  • MarcoS's picture

    Hi Tom,

       Welcome to the boards.  I also think these boards were long overdue.

  • mum2two's picture

    Hi Tom,

    I have two boys with ASD, my 10 year old has a dyspraxia diagnosis too,

     Look forward to chatting with you 


  • TomGray's picture

    Hi there, wonder what your name is? I'm asd + dispraxic, it's made for an 'interesting' life!

    Hope to catch you soon, usually here 1900 - 2200 GMT Are you in the UK?


  • TomGray's picture

    Hi Marco, the time difference is a pain in the ass! Nice to catch up with you, would like to chat sometime.

    Have you ever been on the 'wrongplanet' site?

  • Terri's picture

    Hi Tom, I'm from West Wales too! Lived most of my life in Cardigan but livingin London now. Say hello to Pembrokeshire from me!


    Terri @ Palace


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